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How to troubleshoot error – Msg 195, Level 15, State 10, Line 1 ‘TRY_CONVERT’ is not a recognized built-in function name

While running the following code on a database on my SQL Server 2012 instance I got the following error message


TCerr1The reason for this error is that this function TRY_CONVERT is 110 compatible. Which means it will only run on a database with 110 compatibility. Upon checking the compatibility level, I found the database to be on 90 or SQL Server 2005 compatible.
I had to change the compatibility level to 110 and then ran the code with success.



SQL Server Replication – Troubleshooting – Using verbose history agent profile

Read this very good article authored by Chris Skorlinski and hence sharing the same in my blog.

The article talks about the efficient use of “-HistoryVerboseLevel 2“. This allows additional diagnostic information while we troubleshoot replication in SQL Server.

Please find the link to the article: HistoryVerboseLevel

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