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Data page restore from the SSMS UI in SQL Server 2012

How about a UI that lets you restore data pages in SQL Server? Well that’s exactly what we have in SQL Server 2012. The UI allows you to select the pages from the backup to restore rather than restoring the entire database.

Here are the steps how we can restore a data page in SQL Server 2012

Step 1:dp1Step 2: Once you click on Check database pages you will have list of pages that are corrupt. Click on Add. Choose the correct backup set and click on OK. The corrupt data page\s will be restored.


Find the Buffer Pool usage per database in SQL Server

In this short article i will share a simple query that i wrote to find the number of pages of a database in the buffer pool and there usage of the buffer pool

SELECT CASE database_id WHEN 32767 THEN 'ResourceDb'
ELSE DB_NAME(database_id)
END AS [Database],COUNT(*) AS PageCount ,
( COUNT(*) * 8.0 ) / 1024 AS [SpaceOccupiedInBuffer-Mb]
FROM sys.dm_os_buffer_descriptors
GROUP BY database_id


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