Find all the Foriegn Key’s and their details in a database

The below script helps us to find all the foreign keys in a database and there details. i have used AdventureWorks2012 db as example.

USE AdventureWorks2012
SELECT AS ForeignKey,
IsNotForReplication = case when fk.is_not_for_replication = 0 then ‘No’ else ‘yes’
OBJECT_NAME(fk.parent_object_id) AS TableName,
fkc.parent_column_id) AS ColumnName,
OBJECT_NAME (fk.referenced_object_id) AS ReferenceTableName,
fkc.referenced_column_id) AS ReferenceColumnName
FROM sys.foreign_keys AS fk
INNER JOIN sys.foreign_key_columns AS fkc
ON fk.OBJECT_ID = fkc.constraint_object_id
order by IsNotForReplication

A snapshot of the outcome below:

FK Details


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